Disney has released the Zombies 3 trailer on July 15th

Disney has released the Zombies 3 trailer on July 15th

The whole trailer for the first trailer for the Disney+ on July 15th has been just dropped. Meg DonnellyandMilo Manheim have come back to Seabrook High, as described at the end of the third film. RuPaul Charles has also been included in the cast, which will feature eight new songs, and the soundtrack will drop the same day as the film. The trailer will also include a "Lost" track and other goodies for enthusiasts. Check out the trailer here.

Zombies 3 Synopsis

Milo Manheim is preparing for the first international cheer-off at Seabrook High in the town that has grown to include animals like Pearce Joza, Bucky, Kylee Russell, and Matt Cornett as A-lan, and Kyra Tantao as A-li, and Jon Johnson are among the stars in the film "ZOMBIES 3." "It''s a Disney+ film from Disney Branded Television, directed by Paul Hoen, which includes Hoen Hoen, Hoen

Chandler Kinney plays Willa, Ariel Martin, Wyatt, Pearce Joza, Bree, Trevor Tordjman, Eliza, Kylee Russell, Matt Cornett, A-spen, Kyra Tantao, James Godfrey, and Zoey in the film.

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