In South America, Pearl Abyss focuses on the black desert

In South America, Pearl Abyss focuses on the black desert

Pearl Abyss, the developer and publisher of, is celebrating the game being self-published in South America this week. Previously administered by Red Fox Games, the company is transferring all accounts over to their control, much like they did in other areas when they purchased the game. Besides, they''ll also offer discounts on game packages in the region between June 23rd and July 7th. We also have a fresh trailer for the region, which we hope will further enhanced their experience.

The game is offering an ultimate package package, which includes a special discount on Traveler, Explorer, and Conqueror Edition packages. This ultimate package package package package includes a special login bonus in the game, which includes Shudad''s Tier 3 pet, and a Classic outfit box for the day 21.

A weekly hot-time event will be held in-game, where players may earn unique hot-time buffs to improve in-game. A result of the highest Combat and Skill EXP, and buffs that increase the Item Drop Rate, the game will offer stronger hot-time buffs by the week, allowing players to earn greater rewards during the event period. Adventurers should look forward to seeing a variety of different events that the game will be hosting in the game.

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