What is your favorite piece of iconic video game clothing?

What is your favorite piece of iconic video game clothing?

Respect the drip

Recognizability is the key to a good character''s appearance, and a component of that is what a character is wearing. Can you tell which character its supposed to be based on their outfit? It''s not a coincidence that some of the most famous items of clothing in video games also proven.

Fashion has been a pretty casual hobby for me, but I really enjoy the fact that our clothes we choose to wear can tell the world so much about us, and in this case, the clothes that developers choose for characters in games tell us a lot.

Some examples that come to mind for me are a Chells jumpsuit from Portal, Clementines hat from The Walking Dead, or Mayor Lewis purple shorts from Stardew Valley.

The greatest benefit of iconic video game clothing is that a lot of it is wearable in real life, thus we get a bunch of fantastic replicas of outstanding items. Im also a huge fan of stealthy merch that has a decent design, but would only be recognized as something from a video game if you know it. For this reason, I stumbled across my Joels green flannel from The Last of Us for years.

Our favorite fits come to life

For those who have a little extra income, there are more upscale options for real-life video game clothes. ZA/UM, a developer for Disco Elysiums, has removed a line of clothes from the game, which is fitting considering the clothes become a pretty significant piece of the gameplay. I havent had the chance to get the replica of Kim Kitsuragis orange bomber jacket since it dropped a while back, but it hasn''t recovered from it now, owing to its price

Schott offers a real-life version of Leon Kennedys'' classic wool and suede bomber jacket from the Resident Evil 4 remake, which fans spotted following the game''s release date. It''s available on Schotts website for a $1,500 reward, but it''s not exactly sure if Schott designed the jacket following the game, or if Capcom used the design for the remake.

These are just the video game clothes that I love, but the list continues from here. We want to know, what are your favorite articles of clothing from a video game? Do you own anything, though, you may have apprehensive items to wear, even if it appears impossible?

In the comments below, let''s talk about this topic!

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