Greg Hopkins of the National Network of Climate Change and Mad Cave Manny Castellanos of the National Network of North American (NFCC) Join Boom Studios

Greg Hopkins of the National Network of Climate Change and Mad Cave Manny Castellanos of the Nationa

Boom Studios has announced today that it has promoted and hired several employees from the Sales and Marketing division.

Greg Hopkins has been appointed as Boom Studios'' retail sales coordinator after owning a comic shop, producing and distributing comic content for artists including Stanley "Artgerm" Lau, Derrick Chew, Kunkka, Ejikure, Alan Quah, Bill Sienkiewicz, and Leirix. Hopkins also owns and operates North Florida Comic Con for six years, and has been working on three-day online conventions that will assist customers in recovery from the pandemic.

Manny Castellanos has joined Boom as a sales coordinator. From 2018 2022, Castellanos was previously Director of Retail-Sales Development for Mad Cave Studios, where he established a communication relationship with the direct market, and directed the sales campaigns for comic book books such as and.

Harley Salbacka was promoted to Sales Lead at Boom Studios in 2021, where she took on a variety of roles in comic book specialty and book markets. Harley previously served as a Sales & Marketing Representative at Humanoids, where she worked for five years.

Breanna Sarpy has been promoted to the Manager of Digital Marketing and Advertising (GST). After becoming a Boom Studios Executive Assistant in 2018, she was promoted to the Marketing team where she took on various aspects of the company''s digital growth initiatives and advertising, including hosting the company''s video interview series, BoomChat.

"We''re excited to welcome so many incredible people to our team at the same time as the folks who led BOOM! Studios'' reach greater heights than ever have been recognized for their contributions," said Filip Sablik, the CEO of Publishing & Marketing, Boom Studios. "We couldn''t wait for a better group of talented marketing and sales professionals to push our ambitious slate in the second half of 2022, as we assist our amazing creators in developing their vision.

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