Today's Wordle answer (Friday 24 June 2022): Wordle's word of the day #370 and recommendations

Today's Wordle answer (Friday 24 June 2022): Wordle's word of the day #370 and recommendations

What better way to be able to steer yourself over and prevent that other thing you''re supposed to be doing today than by having a stab at the correct five-letter word, however, it may be difficult to find the answer. How will you perform today?

In the meantime, you may take a look at a few helpful Wordle recommendations if you need some help figuring out the solution. Finally, today''s Wordle answer itself, along with the meaning of the word, will be revealed to those who want it.

Wordle June 24 hints

If you think you need a little help elucidating the Wordle answer today, then you''ve come to the right place. Take a look at the below Wordle suggestions and see if you can figure it out before we reveal the solution below:

  • Today''''s Wordle word is often used in the context of a godlike action.
  • The first letter is "S".
  • There are vowels in the 3rd and 5th positions.

Today''''s Wordle answer June 24

The answer to today''s Wordle is: SMITE.

To smite: a vengeful deity''s favourite pasttime. Smite literally means strike, but sometimes you may smit someone with a blow to the head. However, the word more commonly includes several more divine connotations. A god of thunder might smit you with one of their lightning bolts for failing to contest their abilities. Or perhaps you may instead be smote by spoiling today''s Wordle answer to those who haven''t yet played the game. Divine

Alright, we''re done here for the day. Another Wordle completed, or perhaps failed. Regardless of which, you may want to start by looking at our best Wordle starting words list to help you get started with each Wordle puzzle; as well as a handy sample of previous Wordle answers.

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