The origin of Pokemon TCG: Sword & Shield Lost is set to be released in September 2022

The origin of Pokemon TCG: Sword & Shield Lost is set to be released in September 2022

The Pokemon TCG has announced the release date for the next major series expansion, which will focus on Origin Forme Giratina and Hisuian Zoroark on September 9th and 2022. It will likely be the penultimate set in the block. Let''s look at the cards that will appear in the set.


The Lost Zone gameplay mechanic will make its Series debut, and the metagame will be shaken up. However, players will not be able to recover these cards during gameplay. Giratina VSTAR will feature a dark aura from the artwork.

Very cool. We have yet to see Giratina VSTAR, but I expect the Japanese version to arrive sooner than the equivalent set. Here at Bleeding Cool, there''s a chance to see a preview series featuring those cards.

The press release continues:

Apart from this, will feature additional Hisuian Pokemon, including Hisuian Zoroark VSTAR and Hisuian Goodra VSTAR, as well as Radiant Pokemon, such as Radiant Gardevoir. Shiny Pokemon is shown in etched artwork and has a long-lasting ability or attack.

This is the first Japanese set, and each card will be adapted by all of the above cards, and you can see more about this preview series here.

Finally, we get an idea of the set breakdown.

The expansion''s three notable cards include:

Three new Radiant Pokemon

Six Pokemon VSTARs

14 Pokemon V and one Pokemon VMAX are a common Pokemon VMAX.

In the Trainer Gallery subset, there are 30 cards featuring fan-favorite Trainers and Pokemon.

I''m glad to see the trainer Gallery subset continue. It seems like we''ll have one in every set until the end of the block.

What exactly does this set look to you? I''m a huge fan of the Pokemon featured and can''t wait to begin making rip packs. Stay tuned for Bleeding Cool for openings as we get closer to the release date and don''t forget that the special expansion will be released in just a few days.

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