Three times, Jeffrey Dean Morgan was sent to "Herogasm" by The Boys

Three times, Jeffrey Dean Morgan was sent to "Herogasm" by The Boys

Only one word is HEROGASM, and star Jeffrey Dean Morgan () is speaking out against the criticism of the episode. This week, the showrunner said, "I saw it. I saw it. I saw it. I was amazed! "I watched thrice!"

Morgan''s comment from earlier today that we can safely say is a statement:

HEROGASM. That''s the twit. @TheBoysTV did it. I saw it. Can''t wait to see it!! You should be prepared. (I watched thrice!) @therealKripke @KarlUrban @antonystarr @JensenAckles

Jeffrey Dean Morgan (@JDMorgan) June 23, 2022

WARNING: This Episode Is Not Suitable for Any Audiences

Okay, now that we have received the official warning from the show about what''s going to happen, here''s your look at Amazon''s S03E06 "Herogasm" (or, at least, what they might show):

This is the only footage legal would approve to show ya ahead of time. #Herogasm

THE BOYS (@TheBoysTV) January 21, 2022

Kripke and Jack Quaid (Hughie) discussed how close the episode matches the comics, how intense the filming was on everyone on the set, and the one "Herogasm" moment that couldn''t be made the cut.

Although Kripke is a fan of the Homelander/Soldier Boy Sex Scene in the Comics, it Will not Work Here: "I love that scene and it''s funny, but for a dozen reasons, all of which will be revealed when you see the season, it ultimately didn''t track. But, unfortunately, one had to go. "I''d love to see Soldier Boy and Homelander f***ing, but it can''t happen in this show, unfortunately, for reasons everyone understands."

"It''s important to get the ''Herogasm'' out of all of comic books when I was cast as Hughie,'' says Quaid. "It''s great to know why I''m going to do this or some version of this," says the author. "It''s been a while since I was a kid, so I''m grateful that I got to see it. I''m really glad that ''Herogasm'' is figuring out what''s really wrong,

"It''s just "How anyone who had been there for so long" on a hot, stuffy, sticky film set," Kripke says of "Day 1, it''s really creepy and you''re surrounded by these stunning naked people. "You''re all naked mole rats and you just want to get outside," says one expert. "It''s "just" how many people had escaped it, according to Kripke. "And there is no way to go about it," says one critic.

Vernon Sanders, the head of Global Television from Amazon Studios, discussed how things look when the universe expands:

Is there any possibility to launch the second season of "The Boys: Diabolical"? "We thought there was a two-fold chance with "Diabolical." One was to get ''The Boys'' fans excited about it and get it out early, but we also wanted to see if there was another bite of the apple once the mothership show returned, and we''re seeing real involvement and growth there. We''ve definitely had conversations with the producers about what the next installment will look like."

Is it fair to say that when Eric Kripke came to talk about the spinoff, he realized that he wanted it two years earlier than he expected. "We are pleased, the dailies look fantastic, and we are very pleased with the cast."

More Spinoffs? "There''s something beyond the show that we have. We want to keep things moving. This season, though, it has really blown us away, and I wouldn''t be surprised if you heard more yet. For the time being, we are focused on this next episode and making sure that it is up to everything it needs to be, and so far, we are on track."

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