The M2 MacBook Pro Insides Show Is Practically Unchanged From the M1 MacBook Pro

The M2 MacBook Pro Insides Show Is Practically Unchanged From the M1 MacBook Pro

The M2 MacBook Pro would have surprised many consumers if it had a makeover on the inside, but unfortunately, that is not the case. Here is a first look at the internals, and while it is not an elaborate figure, it also demonstrates the amount of effort Apple paid to improve this model.

The M2 MacBook Pro features the same cooling solution and component position as the M1 MacBook Pro.

NotebookCheck obtained a comprehensive look at the M2 MacBook Pro, which also cleared the aluminum back cover of the machine, revealing the cooling solution, the battery, and the component placement. From a first glance, it appears like the new M2 is enhanced with improved unified RAM.

Even the cable that runs along the middle and covers a portion of the battery has not been switched. We discovered that the M2 MacBook Pro bears similarity to the M1 MacBook Pro when they found the picture from NotebookCheck and comparing to the one iFixit posted, we discovered that even the cooling solution and other areas remain unchanged.

While we should have expected Apple to make some changes on the inside, we understand why this approach was followed. Apple probably invested this amount when it was able to mass-produced the M2 MacBook Air. However, the redesign compared to the M1 MacBook Air will also result in profound changes.

Apple may have launched the M2 MacBook Pro earlier than the M2 MacBook Air because it already had the components that make up the majority of the notebook. It might have also advised suppliers not to churn out a large shipment of this portable Mac, because a lot of customers are eager to wait for the new MacBook Air.

As long as NotebookCheck did not perform a proper teardown of the M2 MacBook Pro, it is possible that some pieces of the device may be removed and examined. We will have to wait for additional teardowns to come through, so stay tuned.

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