Courteney Cox, star of FRIENDS, wants to have another friends reunion

Courteney Cox, star of FRIENDS, wants to have another friends reunion

Friends is one of the most popular TV show on the planet. It was first introduced back in the 1990s, and now it is 2022, and Friends is still one of the best shows in the Comedy Genre. The story follows the life of six friends who lived in New Your in their usual lives.

One might think, what''s so special about that. They always seem to be in comedic situations. The story progresses as they enter and out of several relationships, marriages, and jobs. One thing that kept constant through it all was their friendship.

The series finale was so huge that it was the most-watched TV episode of the 2000s. It was nominated more than 60 times for the Primetime Emmy Awards and was awarded the Outstanding Comedy Series Award in 2002.

Meet the Cast

First, we have American Actress, Director, and Producer Courtney Cox in the role of Monica Geller, a chef living in her Grandmothers apartment with her roommates. Second, we have American Actor, Comedian, Director, and Producer Davis Shimmer in the role of Ross Geller, and Monicas Geeky Older Brother, a Paleontologist working at the Museum of Natural History.

Jennifer Aniston, an American Actress and Producer, will play Rachel Green, Monicas high school best friend and roommate, who is also a waitress at a coffee shop.

Dangerously, we have American-Canadian Actor, Comedian, and Producer Matthew Perry in the roles of Chandler Bing, Rosss College Roommate, and Best Friend. He works at a multinational corporation, but loves it. Next, we have American Actor, TV Producer, and Comedian Matt LeBlank in the role of Joey Tribiani, the Chandlers Roommate. He is a Ladies man and an actor.

Let''s face off against the fact that she is a self-taught singer-songwriter and Masseuse.

Where to Watch the Show

There are no other platforms that may stream the show, but international fans need not fret. This particular TV Show is available on many popular streaming services. Even if you are not comfortable with the default language, several voice-over and subtitle options must be available depending on your geographical location.

The programme has a IMDB rating of 8.9/10 and a rotten tomatoes rating of 79 percent. It began its pilot episode on September 22nd, 1994, and saw an total of 236 episodes for over ten seasons. The first episode of the program was on May 6th, 2004.

The broadcast went weekly and had a TV rating of TV-14 for an episode. There was also a Special Reunion Event of Friends that was scheduled for May 27th and 2021.

Is CourtenayCox Looking for a Friends Reunion?

The short answer is no. Courtney jokingly said in an interview, I Don''t Want To Record Another Special When We Are 80. She added that returning to the set of Friends was one of the most emotional things she has done. I am certain that the other cast members felt the same way. Courtney said she immediately burst into tears when she returned for the first time in 17 years.

And how many of them disagree, she is still very close to the other cast members. In 2021, all six of them were together in a room since the Series finale on May 6th, 2004. All of them are putting their own projects together. However, we cannot rule out the possibility entirely as well as who might hold the future.

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