The 7 Best Films Like Crimes of the Future

The 7 Best Films Like Crimes of the Future

The 7 Best Movies Like Crimes Of The Future

Although not all horror films have ghosts, like the recent release, Crimes of the Future, the first thing comes to mind is ghost. The film is a take on humanity''s greed in a dystopian future.

Pollution and global warming have altered the world so many that the human body has evolved in almost unimaginable ways. One of the most significant traits in the film is seeing Viggo Mortensen, playing the role of Saul Tenser, who has his organs removed in front of a live audience! These kinds of films may seem gross, but they may also retail your attention.

What is the movie Crimes of the Future about?

Tenser and Caprice, both perform in front of large audience, using Tensers'' accelerated evolution syndrome, allowing him to develop new vestigial organs. The film has set a stage in a dystopian future where environmental degradation is at its greatest level, and the human body has evolved in various ways.

If you liked this film, you might like the following list:

Possessor (2020) The film is set in a world in which assassins now carry out their hits by literally possessing their targets bodies and having them commit suicide. However, situations do happen when one assassin, Tasya Vos, attempts to kill her target, but the person begins mourning, posing a danger to her family.

Splice (2009) This film presents a fresh perspective on human anatomy as two scientists cree the living being by splicing human DNA with animal DNA. Things remained smooth as the scientists were raising her as their children, but changes occurred when the child refused to do anything she requested.

The Fly (1986) It might be a bit old, but It has a different approach. Seth, the lead character, is able to separate himself from a fly in an attempt at teleportation. Unfortunately, with time, Seth loses his family and becomes more like a humanoid insect. Now, it''s up to Ronnie, the lead actress, to keep him.

Raw (2016) It''s what it''s, absolutely incredible in the animation. After being forced to eat meat for the first time in her life, Alexei turns into something else. Soon after the incident, she starts craving more meat, especially the human ones.

Annihilation (2018) is a film directed by a crew who enters Area X, but no one returns from it. Finally, however, they discover a terrifying yet fascinating truth as the place mutes its residents rapidly. Can the people make it out alive before losing their sanity?

Her (2013) This film may not be as gruesome as others, but it gives a stunning picture. The lead, played by Joaquin Phoenix, is seen falling in love with his virtual assistant, led by Scarlett Johansson.

District 9 (2009) This film bolsters the notion of being a human being. It follows the story of a human, Wikus, who dissipate the aliens who were stranded on Earth. However, as time passes, he discovers that he belongs more to them than his species.

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