ABLAZE Announces August Comics and Graphic Novels

ABLAZE Announces August Comics and Graphic Novels

ABLAZE has a slew of titles for August that include titles for varied viewers of action/fantasy, horror/sci-fi,gaming, and young coming-of-age dramas off the beaten track.

Issue 1MSRP for ELLE(S): $3.99Available on August 3rd

Elle(s) is a vibrant, imaginative new series backed by Aveline Stokart''s fantastic Pixar-esque artwork and Kid Toussaint''s compelling story that brings together moments of real emotion, mystery, intrigue, and humor during the epic highs and lows of high school.

Elle is just another teenage girl most of the time. Bubbly and compassionate, she spends no time making friends on her first day at her new school. But Elle has a secret: she has brought her a varied identity, which she has brought out when she least expects it Who is Elle, really? And will her new friends stand by her when they discover the truth?

$19.99Available on August 3rd from INDIE GAMES 2MSRP

The 2ndVolume in the artbook series from ABLAZE covers the history, sounds, artwork, and character of indie video games.

Indie Games 2 explores key developments in indie video games since 2018, well-known for enthusiasts and curious gamers. This book has a large range of illustrations, concept art, and unpublished sketches, which will give an instant visual view of the scene.

Discover over 300 indie games, including: A Plague Tale: Innocence, A Short Hike, Children of Morta, Carto, Creaks, Eastward, Factorio, Frostpunk, Genesis Noir, Haven, LUNA The Shadow Dust, Old Man''s Journey, Slay the Spire, Spelunky 2, Untitled Goose Game, and many more.

$24.99Available for RED LIGHTNINGMSRP

Samuel, a thirty-year-old, is planning to leave the house and live another day of his normal existence. As soon as he arrives on the street, he learns about David Bowie''s death. He notices his sorrowful journey through time, time, and place.

He awakens hundreds of thousands of years later in a future society that isn''t so different from his own, although he is surrounded by people who are dressed as dinosaurs, integrated biological techniques, and there is a worldwide well-being. Is it perhaps the future utopia? Samuel will have to learn and discover his own dimension in the process, without losing himself.

JP ROTH''S MAGICMSRP THEORY: $19.99Available August 31st

Fall into a world of fairytales that test all the magicin JP Roth and Sabine Rich''s Magic theories.

After Selyara''s death, a Seelie fairy must endure three days as a human. J Scott Campbell is also a cover gallery as well as sketch and layout bonus pages.

THE CIMMERIAN Volume 4MSRP: $29.99Available August 31st

ABLAZE, which has expanded its bestselling collection of UNCENSORED Robert E. Howard Cimmerian graphic novels, is bringing you the true Conan, who is unrestrained, violent, and sexual. Read the story as he intended!

In one epic hardcover series, the Cimmerian Vol 4 includes two complete stories, "Beyond the Black River" and "Hour of the Dragon."

PROMETHEE 13:13 Issue 2MSRP: $3.99Available on August 17th

Promethee 13:13 describes the dramatic space journey leading up to the moments of September 21, 2019, at 13:13. During preparation to launch a satellite in orbit, the Atlantis crew is pulled off course in a way that answers them beyond where they are being taken there, but how they are being taken there. Back on Earth, Darla is forced to confront the people who have taken her captive, forcing her to question what is real and what is a conspiracy that will cost their lives.

Andy Diggle (Green Arrow: Year One,James Bond, The Losers, Hellblazer), Shawn Martinbrough (Thief of Thieves, Batman: Detective Comics, Hellboy), Dave Stewart (Hellboy, DC: The New Frontier, TheUmbrella Academy), and Jock (Batman, The Losers) bring you a psychological sci-fi horror drama fueled by alien conspiracy.

SWORDS VS. SORCERY Issue 4MSRP: $3.99Available August 24th

The Hyborian Age, created by Robert E. Howard, is unleashed! Imagine its true skull-cracking beauty, its unrestrained blood-splattering violence, mayhem, and sexuality! Two she-pirates, one recently deceased, are all seated between chaos and order.

Valeria and Belit take their crew across Hyperborea to stop the wizards and magicians who are threatening the realm to contact Belit, but the quest takes a detour when she feels the need to prove herself. Now what was an adventure may become a suicide mission!

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