Fans of EastEnders applaud the news of a 'evil' new partnership!

Fans of EastEnders applaud the news of a 'evil' new partnership!

Fans were pleasantly surprised when two characters joined them for some odd antics during Thursday night''s scenes.

Shirley has been chastised after scheming Sam Mitchell met Zack, her boyfriend of her granddaughter Nancy. The romantic arrangement has stor Nancy''s heart and caused her to leave the Square, leaving Shirley unwell.

Shirley''s anger over the revelation at an event to commemorate her late sister, Tina, has been enraged.

Shirley brought Zack a punch, but it''s not him she''s shooting for the time being.

Shirley is sick of the Mitchells'' wounding her family, and she continues to have a long-standing disgrace over Phil and Sharon, letting Tina take the blame for the attack on Ian in 2020.

So, she''s decided to sabotage the club.

Shirley''s goal is to make sure the club is already under threat from rival gangster Jonah.

So, we saw her meet up with Dotty, offering her a sum of money.

Shirley said she needs to take advantage of the work this Jonas bloke is doing. "I''m requesting you to turn the CCTV camera off tomorrow and then you notify me when the coast is clear."

Dotty agreed, and supporters were concerned about Shirley''s potential.

One smiled: "Shirley and Dotty are cooperating," then followed the other in a series of applause tweets. "Shirley vs The Mitchells is happening, hell, yeah!" another said.

#EastEndersJun 23, 2022: Shirley and Dotty are working together.

#EastEndersJune 23, 2022: Shirley and Dotty are a s***

Shirley vs the mitchell is happening hell yess!! Shirley Carter all the damn way #EastEndersJune 23, 2022

All-in-all, viewers were amazed to see Shirley return at the core of the action. Earlier, the show had seen scenes where Shirley was dissatisfied with Nancy''s departure from the Square.

Many people believe the character has been somewhat on the back burner in recent times, but they were delighted that Shirley and actress Linda Henry were finally given the opportunity to show their range.

One admirer said she can really hold a scene from Lida Henry. "It''s about time Shirley had a good storyline," she added.

ya Shirley, 23, 2022, is sure to have a scene hosted by Linda Henry.

#EastEnders It''s time that Shirley had a good storyline July 23, 2022.

Nancy loves to be a mother I feel for her as well. Tina is finally leaving her on #EastEnders on June 23, 2022.

The spoilers for next week reveal that Sam, Sharon, and Kat will discover the club has been trashed.

During the day, it will be harmed by armed robbers.

How long has Shirley gone to get her revenge on the Mitchells?

BBC One has screens from Monday to Thursday at 7.30pm.

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