Pokemon Legends: Arceuscards is now available for download in the Pokemon TCG release

Pokemon Legends: Arceuscards is now available for download in the Pokemon TCG release

The Lost Zone and the introduction of several new Hisuian cards are the latest features for the Pokemon Trading Card Game.

The TCG: Sword & Shield Lost Origin is a new feature for the trading card game that first introduced the Lost Zone gameplay mechanic in the HeartGold and SoulSilver version in 2010. This expanded, which included Pokemon LEGEND cards, such as Ho-Oh and Lugia, included a small number of cards, such as Gengar Prime, that would force an opponent to discard one or more cards into a separate pile.

Cards sent to the Lost Zone in the Pokemon TCG are almost impossible to retrieve, unlike cards that have been discarded normally.

The return of this gameplay mechanic in Pokemon TCG: Sword & Shield Lost Origin is marked with several cards that force players to discard cards on a separate pile, including Giratina VSTAR, a dark-type Pokemon card that develops from a V Pokemon and has a special ability. Giratina VSTAR, along with 14 Pokemon V cards and a single VMAX card, is one of the six VSTAR Pokemon cards featured in Lost Origin.

Alongside the addition of the Lost Zone gameplay mechanic and the V, VSTAR, and VMAX Pokemon cards, Lost Origin will also include several Pokemon cards based on Hisuian Pokemon found in the video game Pokemon Legends: Arceus. Hisuian Zoroark VSTAR and Hisuian Goodra VSTAR are among the new Hisuian Pokemon cards, along with several Radiant Pokemon cards.

Radiant Pokemon were introduced in the Astral Radiance set, and the cards feature powerful basic Pokemon that players may only include one of them on their decks. Lost Origins includes three new Radiant Pokemon such as Radiant Gardevior, each with a rich artwork and its own unique ability.

The Pokemon Trading Card Game is a game for two players that focuses on their respective Pokemon decks against each other. At the start of the game, players draw their hands and place a basic Pokemon card into their active slot, before placing any additional basic Pokemon cards onto their bench. Players then take turns to play cards from their hand, such as items or energy cards, or execute an attack using their active Pokemon, as long as they have the required amount of energy on the card.

If a player fails to reduce an active Pokemon to zero health, they will receive a prize card sometimes more than one and be one step closer to victory. Players win the trading card game if they fail to obtain six or more prize cards or leave their opponent without an active Pokemon or any left on their bench.

In September, the Pokemon TCG: Sword & Shield Lost Origin will be released in booster pack format, Elite Trainer Boxes, and special editions, as well as a Pokemon Centre Elite Trainer Box.

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