Craig, Shep, and Austens their friendships are on the rocks in the first half of The Southern Charm

Craig, Shep, and Austens their friendships are on the rocks in the first half of The Southern Charm

The birds and the bees and the ones, twos and threes have returned with season 8! One thing is very clear: In Charleston, South Carolina, a lot has changed.

Naomie Olindo had a good day with the group after leaving the show at the end of season 6. She revealed that she and her ex-boyfriend, Craig Conover, both traveled to Las Vegas two months prior.

Naomie was hesitant to say exactly what happened, but she said that when she was dating, she was showing promise. Craig confirmed that she did have the greatest love she had in her life. This was around the time she started dating Paige DeSorbo from Bravos.

Naomie would never have liked her with Craig. I thought they were a terrible mismatch. Also, express what you want about Craig, but he followed his sewing dream and it is working out!! That''s kinda cool. #SouthernCharmJun 24, 2022

Craig, Shep Rose, and Austen Kroll are all in the mix. He appears to be Craig against Shep and Austen. Sheps'' gripe, as he discussed with Austen on a beer, is that he hadn''t seen Craig in months and he isn''t making any effort into the friendship. Austen reacted on Craig''s point by saying that Shep never wanted him to succeed.

Shep said that he is insane and that it has to do with how hes dealing with that success. I do feel like this is his way or the highway these days, according to Austen. Yeah, he thinks hes the greatest shot of the century. But I think he knows hes in the wrong and theres a small reckoning coming to him. In this first episode, Craig will concentrate on that in a minute.

I believe the problem is that everybody always assumed Craig would continue living happily, although they may then sew a pillow her and there. I don''t think they ever thought he would become so successful, and now they''re wildly jealous. #SouthernCharmJune 24, 2022

Kathryn Dennis celebrated her 30th birthday with a great Gatsby-themed party, but the big day was already drama. When Naomie wrote an Instagram Story, shame on you for spreading rumors about the marriage of Cameran Eubanks, a long-time cast member. Despite this, Kathryn wished for Naomie to attend her party, which, in a sense, might not have been the best idea.

Craig, Shep, and Austen sat down at the Kathryns dinner, and the Vegas hookup became resolved. Once again, Craig confirmed that it was true, although, according to Austen, he was told that they had just lunch. I can''t say enough, because youd tell everyone, though. One of these days, dude, you''ll wake up the **** up and realize Im your biggest God damn advocate and Im your God damn brother, and you should stop being a c***.

There are two groups here with a similar problem. Austen doesnt feel like Craig is treating him like close friends she is, and Shep doesnt think Craig puts an effort into their relationship. It wasnt healthy for me to hang out with you, Craig said. The conversation ended with Craig walking away and saying he wanted to talk about it another day.

Are we surprised that Shep, Austin, and Craig''s friendship is on the rocks? These guys just hung out together for drinking and trying to get girls off the hook. It was a friendship of friendship #SouthernCharmJun 24, 2022.

Kathryn stated that she felt uncomfortable about Naomie''s Instagram story. What you did, Kathryn, and other women, Naomie said, wasn''t stopping there. Kathryn said, because she tried to ruin a well-known family. But the thing did not stop there. Naomie came back saying that she is dirty. Lets just say that there was a lot of back and forth, and Kathryn started getting loud, to whom Naomie walked away.

Kathryn is 30-years old and is still acting like a 21-year-old. If your life was so incredible, you wouldnt be spending your birthday dinner starting drama. You literally invited naomie just to be mad at her??? What a child. #SouthernCharmJun 24, 2022

Season 8, you''ll look fantastic. The previews for the remainder of the season showed that there''s a lot more to unpack with these close relationships.

On Thursdays at 9 pm ET, season 8 will be released on Bravo.

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