PlayStation VR will be coming to Green Hell VR

PlayStation VR will be coming to Green Hell VR

Green Hell VR will be available on PlayStation VR devices sometime next year, according to Incuvo. This week, the game has already been refined to be on Steam VR as well as Oculus/Meta devices, so it is not a huge leap. However, though, the transition to convert it for the PlayStation version will not be announced until 2023. This way, users will have an enhanced experience without additional or special content.

"We are very pleased that Creepy Jar has chosen to direct our services to a specific audience,," said Andrzej Wychowaniec, CEO of Incuvo. "Our attention is focused on the upcoming release of the PCVR version of Green Hell VR on Steam, but we are looking forward to seeing the opportunity to leverage our experience and tweak Green Hell to the specifics of Sony.

Green Hell VR is the most powerful and effective survival game for VR. Unlike other games, you will never feel comfortable living behind them. At any time, you must make sure you understand what you are capable of. While you may not get any help from the outside world, you must collect your weapons and abilities to build shelters and heal nasty wounds.

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