Total Eclipse, a Muv-Luv alternative, was launched on Steam in July

Total Eclipse, a Muv-Luv alternative, was launched on Steam in July

A total eclipse will take place in under a month, but a visual novel is coming on PC. The announcement comes courtesy of aNCHOR, who developed this game. The game is scheduled to launch on July 20, 2022. This will be the first time officially available in English.

Read the full downloadable game here.

The titular spin-off, which is based on the world and the storyline of Ages, is enhanced with three story lines. It''s mainly centered on the age of three characters, but it''s also based on relationships with each other rather than direct continuations. Takeru explores an alternate timeline from, where he joins the military and pilots a Tactical Surface Fighter (TSF) mecha against the invaders. is a sequel of sorts to, involving time travel.

The story is based on a standalone story centered around Yuuya Bridges, a hotshot test pilot who is re-signed to Argus Flight, a joint American/Japanese team. The team is tasked with developing and testing a new next-generation TSF for Japan. However, personality differences among the participants, particularly between Yuuya and his superior, Yui Takamura, make the atmosphere tense.

PC versions on Steam on July 20, 2022. A free-to-play mobile spin-off arranged in Japan on March 17, 2022. An action-based spin-off arranged is available in early access on Steam.

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