Pearl and Marina are set to return in Splatoon 3 next week

Pearl and Marina are set to return in Splatoon 3 next week

Off the Hook Dystopian World Tour

Welp looks like yer boy Moyse is on course to get back on his BS. It''s conceivable that hosts Pearl and Marina, collectively known as the rap-rock outfit Off the Hook, are getting set to make their big return in the upcoming Nintendo Switch sequel.

A brief blurb informs us that the duo has an all-new backing band, and has unveiled its all-new act as Damp Socks. Off the Hook. P & M will be singing vocals, while Marina is demonstrating her newfound pianist skills, while rocking a smokin orange suit and heels combo.

In this video, you may see a preview of the bands'' new track. Those ivories, gurl.

While off the hook will not be hosted for splatfests, this revelation is not necessarily that. In fact, the currently on world tour comment implies that although we will be hearing a lot from the ladies, we probably will not be seeing all of them all. This is in line with previous titles, which included additional hosts for each release, while keeping the previous ones in the game.

Im happy to see the dopey trio return. Both the splatfests and Off the Hooks bizarre musical monstrosities. I don''t know what to tell you. They are good kids and they''re keeping the scene alive. While we can rest assured that Marina and The Queen of World will be sticking around to inject their own colorful comedy into the proceedings.

The Nintendo Switch will be released on September 9th.

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