Fans of Love Island are raging about seeing Paige cry over Jacques

Fans of Love Island are raging about seeing Paige cry over Jacques

Paige was distressed by the condition of her relationship with Jacques.

After a ludicrous moment on June 23, Paige Thorne has emerged as one of the best islanders in the 2022 villa.

Jay Younger, who is currently joined with Ekin-Su Culculoglu, decided to pursue deeper understanding of Paige on the back of the episode. To try and avoid any difficult feelings, he told both Ekin-Su and Paige''s current partner, Jacques O''Neill, up front. Although Ekin-Su was not exactly happy to hear Jay''s news, Jacques encouraged him to join conversation.

Paige was astonished by what Jacques had said. In the girls'' dressing room, she confessed to Tasha that she wasn''t interested in getting to know Jay because she had a good thing with him. She was also concerned that Jacques was putting Jay to know her, implying that he wasn''t as interested in becoming a couple as she was.

Jacques later found and comforted her, and the pair seemed to have changed things up, but it didn''t hinder fans from worrying about how she felt. One viewer said: "No I hate seeing paige crying she''s the purest and finest person ever."

No i hate seeing paige crying she is the purest and finest ever. #loveisland 21, 2022 #loveisland



A third comment: "Nooo my girl paige crying jacques im rooting for you dont ruin it now," and there are plenty more people sitting at home who pious about seeing Paige so upset.

Nooo my girl paige crying jacques im pledging for you dont ruin it now #LoveIsland 23, 2022 #LoveIsland

The whole of the country is crying for paige rn #LoveIsland 23, 2022

Protect Paige at all costs #loveisland 23, 2022

MaRGZnJun 23, 2022 #LoveIsland

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