Purchase 2357 bees for three then play them in these new hidden objects

Purchase 2357 bees for three then play them in these new hidden objects

I Commissioned Some Bees, a group of independent artists who paid to draw photographs with bees. It''s quite fun to find the bees a few years back the 100 Hidden series, and today have enjoyed poring over colourful and often surreal landscapes to see our striped friends.

The blurb explains that "I commissioned artists to construct a fantasy world, and hide as many bees as they can inside it. Now it''s your job to find them all."

The two games have an interesting squid with a complex complex on its tentacles, astronauts doing zero-gravity beekeeping, the view across a city skyline, a stained glass window, and a pretty archipelago, all encompassing topics.

If I had to choose a single game to start with, I think I Commissioned Some Bees 2 has nicer landscapes and bee-hunting is more fun. The levels in 1 with dense geometric patterns appear to be more of a challenge, according to the author.

I wish the artwork would be higher-resolution, because some sketches become somewhat murky as you zoom in and some bees look a bit swatted. It''s also a shame that as you zoom out and move around, the frame isn''t locked to the artwork, meaning see you see white space beyond. There''s also a danger that some levels just spray bees everywhere, and it''s not a problem. But I will click these bees all the same.

Both bee games (not to be confused with the Bee Movie Game) are available on Steam for about 1.50 each. That''s 2357 bees for 3.12. I''ve had a look, and I''m not sure if you can get that many real bees for the price of a meal deal.

The 100 Hidden series has continued to flow freely, but it is still fun. 18 of the games are available on Steam, with more still coming. I do like that the series has intentionally covered a broad spectrum of difficulty levels, and that some bugs and animated elements also have to.

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