Fans of Emmerdale are alarmed by a shock cheating scandal as Chas kisses Al

Fans of Emmerdale are alarmed by a shock cheating scandal as Chas kisses Al

After Chas'' arrival with Paddy Kirk (Dominic Brunt) and Chas Dingle (Lucy Pargeter) last night (Thursday, June 23) the pair shared a gentle kiss, despite Chas being married to him.

Chas recently has had trouble coping with the revelation that her mum, Faith (Sally Dexter) has terminal cancer.

Chas and Faith have an emotional heart-to-heart in the last nights episode, and Chas is slowly coming to the conclusion.

Despite her grief, she discovered a hospice brochure Paddy had hidden in his bag.

When Faith needs palliative care, Paddy reluctantly advised her that at some point she might need it.

Chas was furious with Paddy''s helpful words and was thrown out before he could say anything more.

Chas arrived at The Hide wanting to talk with Belle Dingle (Eden Taylor-Draper) about the wellness retreat and discovered Al who offered to book her in at some point.

Before Chas could leave, Al stopped her and asked if she had taken his advice from earlier and talked to her mother openly about the diagnosis.

Chas'' frustration was quickly brought back to an end, and she gave her hand to Al, who told her that she had taken Paddy''s gesture the wrong way and that he had just wanted to help.

Al offered to be a friend, but she slowed down.

Chas was enthused to Al about Faith and how much she loved her, despite leaving her as a kid.

The couple remained close to grabbing a bottle of wine, but passion thwarted and they kissed.

On social media, fans slammed the pair''s behavior and slammed him. Paddy was sadly fine.

NO Chas will never be sleeping with Al for the 5000th time. Get brand new stories #Emmerdale!!!!!!! I feel so sorry for Paddy he dosnt deserve thisThat''s Cain and Al''s feud reignited then June 24, 2022

Omg the ending of @emmerdale with Chas and Al omg I really got sick seriously are yous for real Emmedale Moira even if he was the last person on the planet Id still require a recount June 23, 2022

URGH Chas and Al? So, cos she gives her the slighest bit of attention? Paddy''s literally been there for her no matter what never ending drama the Dingle''s throw him. He deserves so much better. Ain''t it enough Al has already fought one Dingle Marriage? #Emmerdale June 23, 2022

Chas what you''re doing? #Emmerdale, June 23, 2022

Yes, Emmerdale I have been affected by tonight''s programme. Al and Chas June 23, 2022

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