The ATX 3.0 Standard Ready MSI's Next-Gen MEG Power Supply Lineup, Designed To Support 3x Power Excursions For Next-Gen GPUs, is a MSI

The ATX 3.0 Standard Ready MSI's Next-Gen MEG Power Supply Lineup, Designed To Support 3x Power Excu

MSI is preparing to begin its next-gen MEG Power Supply line, which will be fully ATX 3.0 standard compliant. The new PSUs are designed to hold up to three GPU power excursions and twice the system power excursion.

MSI''s Next-Gen MEG Power Supply Series Is Fully ATX 3.0 Compliant and Can Sustain 3x Power Excursion Loads On Next-Gen GPUs

The MSI MEG Ai1300P and ME Ai1000P power supply units are being developed to be fully compatible with the ATX 3.0 standard. It''s also important to watch that computer applications improve, as well as the overall power consumption, but systems should have a good power management system capable of handling both, the power excursions and transit power spikes.

MSI MEG ATX 3.0 Power SupplyMEG Ai1300P PCIE5 MEG Ai1000P PCIE5Multi/single rail switch

NEW GPUs: 3x GPU Power Excursion2x Total Power Excursion

chi11eddog (@g01d3nm4ng0) June 24, 2022

MSI is developing its new MEG Power Supply program that has stated that the unit will be capable of managing up to 2x the total system power excursion and 3x the GPU power excursion. This is because a few years ago when GPUs reached 300W TDPs, a power spike of 3x would have meant that the CPU would have to handle up to 900W of power for a few milliseconds. This would have forced the PC to shut down or restart as over-current protection.

The benefit of a decent 800W to 1000W high-end PSU would have been enough to handle those 300W GPUs, but the next-gen chips are said to feature 450-600W designs. This means that the Power Supply will have to maintain up to 1350W of load, indicating a 50% increase in power Excursions versus the previous generation of GPUs.

If the PSUs aren''t designed with this in mind, then there''s a good chance that your PC will be completely unstable while running next-gen hardware such as NVIDIA''s & AMD''s upcoming GPU lineup. Below, we discuss this as part of this process. However, here''s a link to the Gamers Nexus video on the subject below:

The PCIe Gen 5 connector is the next benefit of returning to the MSI MEG Power Supply lineup. Depending on the number of GPUs you''d choose, the adapter will include several advantages, such as cable routing and individual rails being utilized. A Gen 5 to Gen 5 connector will also feature a multi/single Rail switch along with the MSI G.I. engine support.

The MSI Center application includes several of the most common features that the G.I. engine provides.

  • Real-Time Power Status Monitor:Through the MSI Center, this power supply helps monitor the real-time status of the percentage of power supplied to GPU and CPU and the total system wattage used.
  • Multi/Single Rail Switch:It can switch between single and multi-rail according to the needs of users while taking into account high current output and safety protection.
  • Intelligent Fan Mode:Automatically detect the power loading and internal temperature to adjust the fan speed. When the load is below 55% or the temperatures are below 70 degrees, the fan will automatically stop to reduce noise

MSI''s MEG Power Supply line is truly one of the first to fully support the PCIe Gen 5 interface. There is currently no word on pricing or availability, but further details are expected by the second quarter of 2022. There may be also an even powerful MEG PSU on the horizon, so stay tuned for information on that very soon!

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