Cerebus, Dave Sim, asks "Stop Dragging My Gender Identity Around"

Cerebus, Dave Sim, asks "Stop Dragging My Gender Identity Around"

Dave Simhas, in recent years, created his highly regarded 300-issuegraphic novel, morphing it into a mock-disciplinedA series of one-shot cut-and-paste strips with his own work and that ofGustave Dove, alongside comedians and actors, who are praised and mocking. And, with each one-shot, he tries to parody some aspect of comics and comics history in its cover and name, completing a series of drops. And,

In September 2022, Dave Sim has decided to pursue trans rights. Of course, he does, because he''s Dave Sim, and that''s what he does. And, by using the same terminology as in 1950s romance comic books, they were always such an authority on these issues. Expect a tug of indifference on publication.

CIH PRESENTS FLAILING AT LOVE ONE SHOT AARDVARK VANAHEIM JUL221055 (W) David Birdsong, Dave Sim, Gustave Dore, Dave Sim, and David Birdsong are both very happy married, starting with Cerebus'' on-line Porn Addiction and Free On-line Advice on how to do it, and "Advice To a Lovelorn Whore" in 2022! Nothing hotter in 2022 than TMI parodies

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