Part 11 of The Cards Of Pokemon TCG: Lost Thunder: Mareep Line

Part 11 of The Cards Of Pokemon TCG: Lost Thunder: Mareep Line

Bleeding Cool''s retrospective journey through the era of the continues. Now that our spotlight series has evolved through the first nine sets of this block ( base,,, and ), it is time to look at the next set from this era:. This expansion was primarily inspired by Zeraora and Lugia, but also included cards featuring many of the major fan favorites including Mimikyu, Suicune, and others. Today, we continue our journey with the Mareep line.

  • Mareep: One of my all-time favorite lines of Pokemon gets the double card treatment for the first stage here. Mareep is depicted byMidori Haradaas an adorable, dozing sheep here with warm, comforting coloring making this illustration feel like the card version of a hug. Maybe Mareep fell asleep while counting its buddies. The next Mareep card shows the Electric-type Pokemon gazing in wonder as dandelions drift by in the wind in another terrific addition by artist0313.Normally, it is easy for me to pick favorites when a species gets two cards, as I tend to like cute or story-focused over badass, but both of these perfectly capture the essence of Mareep.
  • Flaaffy: ArtistMizue seems to continue the action of the previous Mareep card with this softly colored Flaaffy dancing through a sparkling, freshly pollinated meadow. I love how Flaaffy''''s face here shows genuine enjoyment of the sights around it.
  • Ampharos: It isSatoshi Shirai who closes out the evolutionary line with Ampharos. As a major Ampharos fan, I like the unusual background choice which gives a spooky sort of vibe that I normally would never associate with this species. This card ends up looking a bit too much like a video game cut scene, though, due to a 3D art style without much detail.

Stay tuned for the coming journey through. Click the Lost Thunder tag below for more information. This retrospective series will continue with the main section of this set.

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