To demonstrate reduced rider content, a Elden Ring modder mounts Blaidd the Half-Wolf

To demonstrate reduced rider content, a Elden Ring modder mounts Blaidd the Half-Wolf

Elden Ring is a gift that continues to give. Even if you look beyond the content already in the game, our evolving interpretations of it, and the divers discoveries players continue to make this many months after the launch, there''s an untapped goldmine of cut features and content that we''ve slowly discovered.

Riders and mounting are among the games that appear to have passed a few iterations throughout the game. Across the game''s world, you''ll see enemies riding horses as well as other creatures. With Torrent, you may also do so without knowing that the system that governs all of those interactions.

Zullie the Witch, a Souls modder who dives deeper into FromSoft''''s games than anyone else, has discovered some interesting flaws about the feature. According to their findings, the mechanic''s implementation is quite simple.

NPCs (and the player character) have attach points on their 3D models. This so-called dummy poly also exists on the mounts, bearing the ID of 500. The game simply searches for a matching ID to initiate the mounting animation and attach the two together.

Because these limitations on many NPCs do not exist, you can effectively attach your character to it and mount them. This may be done for both riders and other animals, meaning you may ride such things as Blaidd the Half-Wolf.

As Zullie explains in the video, this does imply that FromSoft previously imagined certain NPCs as riders, even if they don''t have mounts in the final game. Mohg, one of the game''s most demanding bosses, is also a common concern.

As a result, these unused attach points may not be intended for a mount, as Elden Ring may sometimes treat stationery weapons as mounts in that sense. It''s possible that those NPCs may have at one point been able to operate a ballista or a siege weapon.

It''s also possible that the same points would have acted as actual attach points that tie the NPC to another object, such as the Trolls pulling the caravans seen across the game.

Zullie''s several NPCs with RideRequest AI instructions allowing them to mount creatures they''re paired with, except they don''t have a relationship.

We''ve kept an eye on similar developments in the Elden Ring community, and you can see everything we found at the Elden Ring game tag. For more specialised pages, check out our popular Elden Ring beginners guide.

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