The Best Games Ever Podcast Ep.5 from VG247: The Best Game You Had for an oddreason

The Best Games Ever Podcast Ep.5 from VG247: The Best Game You Had for an oddreason

I wont lie. As I seek to clarify the topic for the fifth time and not make it the dullest thing imaginable, I''m hesitant. Anyway, this week I thought wed end up talking about how Steve from over the road gave a copy of Advance Wars on the GBA, but we soon became a radar alert. It''s right, for the best game you got for an odd reason. I admit, but stick with it.

You ask why you read the words Id written but not because you wanted to ask. This is really simple, so listen up and please dont ask again: Each week three of us must present our choice for the best game ever that fits the title of the show (this week it must be a game that we think is fantastic but came into our possession through odd means) and then our host/judge, Jim Trinca, will use his total humour to declare a winner and annoy at least one of us most likely me

Each episode of the Best Games Ever podcast is around the 30-minute mark. Weve got a few things to talk about, and we don''t go on random tangents about the latest video game news (unless it''s arguably relevant to the games and stories being discussed). We believe that 30 minutes is the perfect length. If we were doing this live and asked you to pay for a ticket, we would probably take the advantage, considering that they would put several best games together. Smart.

If you do not have to do so, you may just cut one of the dull ones. Do you really need 12 shows about decluttering, or that one about talking to artists who paint all the knock-off art on funfair rides? It''s just as simple, that one sounds fantastic. However, you may eliminate one of the others.

Check out the Best Games Ever Podcast on Apple Podcasts and pay for it on Spotify. If you listen to the show for the first time, please do so, and continue listening to previous episodes. These are not topics, so go wild.

Weve got some information on the shows content below (if you want to get a refresher before going to the comments to make a wonderful, thought-provoking post), so if you want to avoid spoilers, skip past this rather offensive man (Support friends of VG247, People Make Games, on Patreon).

For an unusual reason, the best game you ever got is Crimestoppers Edition.

Episode five of the VG247 Best Games Ever Podcast, which consists of a list of those who selected what.

The Point and Clink adventure game was all the rage back in the early 90s. LucasArts was at the forefront of its craft, striking out classic after classic, and this wacky adventure featuring the Freelance Police duo was another slam dunk. Is this game of video game history the only thing that has ever been used?

Perfect Dark was only released in 2000, but until that time the Dreamcast was on its way to failure (sad eyes), and the PS2 was just around the corner. Even with its own follow-up console, the GameCube, was still expected to release Rares'' classic sci-fi FPS on the N64 the following year. Perfect Dark was, for the most part, completely smashed it.

Who can forget about the first look at Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty? PS2 and Kojima was pretty much cemented as the greatest creator he is today. The game itself featured quite a few surprises, though some didn''t go down with fans, but generally MGS2 is considered in high esteem as one of the greatest games of all time.

Tell us what game youd choose, and if you agree that Jim has gone off the rails. If you like the podcast, please subscribe and leave a review about it, and tell your friends. Post on Facebook and leave the podcast page open on the laptop screen in your local tech store.

Come back in a week for The Best Game, which someone now in the know might believe is made up.

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