Devs from RuneScape Explain a New Enrage System and Unlimited Difficulty

Devs from RuneScape Explain a New Enrage System and Unlimited Difficulty

In a new video, Jagex reveals more of the upcoming Legacy of Zamorak storyline, including many of the mechanics and systems. First off, the video will be shown below, detailing the next six months of the game. These include the role of The Lord of Chaos boss battle, Daughter of Chaos Quest, and the gameplay changes in the Wilderness. Besides, on June 25, a special livestream will be held on twitch as it details more of the upcoming changes to the game. Included

Legacy of Zamorak is a content-rich six-month story that builds on our learnings from the Elder God Wars saga. Chaos will rise in a story spanning bosses, quests, a wilderness reborn, skilling updates, and more. Over the next week, we''ll be giving you not one but two major looks at some of the elements from the Legacy of Zamorak storyline.

With two hours of development discussions, reveal info, and detailed info drops, you''ll want to get all of this upcoming content (that''s totally you right?) and join us for this one. Our Deep Dive stream (Saturday, June 25th at 10:00 am EST) is the ultimate companion to the Legacy of Zamorak Overview.

  • The big detailed reveal of the Zamorak Boss Fight, Elite Dungeon and the new Rewards
  • A discussion on the new storyline, beginning with a new Quest, and the future direction of ''''s Lore
  • A look at the visual direction of the Wilderness Reborn and how we''''re reviving the fear of the Wilderness
  • Special Guests, Competitions & More!

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