Mollie King's Pregnancy: Mollie King seeks guidance following the birth announcement!

Mollie King's Pregnancy: Mollie King seeks guidance following the birth announcement!

Mollie King has called her followers for guidance after expressing her gratitude to everyone for their nice words in response to the news that she was expecting a child.

On Wednesday, the singer, who is 35 years old and a member of The Saturdays, revealed that she and her fiance, Stuart Broad, are expecting their first child.

Mollie posted a beaming message on Instagram Stories in which she thanked everyone for their kind words and stated, and I wanted to express your huge thanks for all of your kind comments, they make such an enormous difference. We simply cannot control our self-doubt.

Both of us may not be able to agree on it. We have the impression that we still have to learn. I cannot stop asking my older sisters, when will this happen? When does this exactly take place?

Yes, each and every minute of this adventure is savouring, and I couldnt be happier that the two of you have been able to join us.

It appears that there is a lot more for us to learn. Therefore, if you have any suggestions or anything else, please send it on. We are completely unexperienced in this situation.

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By posting a sweet black and white photo of Stuart slicing a kiss on her growing baby tummy, Mollie confessed to the joy that she and her fiance Stuart are expecting.

This is what she said of this: We are so pleased to announce that Stuart and I will soon become parents, as we will baby later this year! We are very sorry about this fact.

Her close friends were hurried to the comments section of the post to express their condolences to the singer and former star of Strictly Come Dancing. One of her former bandmates, Rochelle Humes, wrote: Best news ever.

On the day of Jess Wright''s death, Jess said she was so impressed.

Frankie Bridge, a member of the Saturdays, was enthused about it: Can. Not. Wait!

Congrats to you guys, Denise Van Outen said. This is really cool.

It comes a few days after their Mollies cricketer boyfriend claimed that the two of them have yet figured out a date for their wedding.

The two were engaged in the same month as the previous year, and although they had planned to officially tie the knot later that summer, it did not end up happening.

Despite the fact that it is now impossible to get a seat, individuals believed that things were too vague in the midst of the epidemic, and decided to postpone their wedding.

Because Stuart, who is a member of the England cricket team, claims that everything is booked up for dates in the near future, the pair does not anticipate marrying until the next year at the earliest time.

He stated to The Express that: "This is evident that wedding planning has taken a long time." During the summer before the deadline, we discussed giving it a go, but ultimately decided not to. We believed that there was a chance that it would not go ahead.

In light of the fact that, according to Stuart, everything is booked up at the moment, he and Mollie, who was a member of the pop group the Saturdays, are required to play a modest patience game at the moment.

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