Brian Tyree Henry Talks about Thomas the Tank Engine in Bullet Train

Brian Tyree Henry Talks about Thomas the Tank Engine in Bullet Train

According to Sony, Lemon was pushed back a week from the end of July to the beginning of August. From the footage we got to see at CinemaCon, this one does look like a lot of fun. Both in the scenes we saw and in a new interview, Henry describes Lemon''s quite impressive ability to judge mortality.

Henry said that he can''t tell if there''s somebody who is reliable, something that needs to be killed immediately or somebody who is effective to limited schemes.

Henry is apparently very interested in Thomas for his Bullet Train character, and it''s one of the first things we learn about him during the film. It was also dominating behind the scenes.

"I''d bet theThomas The Tank Enginetune in-between take," Henry recalls. "One time I pulled my phone out to check something and Aaron was like, "What the hell are you doing?" I told him, and I really need to understand the difference between a diesel and an autonomous engine."

We might have to wait another week for theBullet Train, but all indications suggest this being one of the best of the year. At least if the first reel is anything to go by, it is likely to maintain that momentum or stick the landing.

Summary: The film Bullet Train, based on Deadpool 2, is a fun, dreadful action thriller starring David Leitch. Brad Pitt draws on a group of eclectic, diverse assassins, all with connections, yet conflicting expectations set against the backdrop of a non-stop travel through modern-day Japan.

Bullet Train, directed byDavid Leitch, stars Brad Pitt, Joey King, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Brian Tyree Henry, Andrew Koji, Hiroyuki Sanada, Michael Shannon, and Benito A Martinez Ocasio. It will be released on August 5th.

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