Ultimate Squad: Super Mira SPR in Dragon Ball Super Previews

Ultimate Squad: Super Mira SPR in Dragon Ball Super Previews

Bandai has started showing off cards from the next officially scheduled Dragon Ball Super Card Game expansion. This June 2022 set is the seventeenth main set and is notably also the eighth and final expansion under the Unison Warrior Series banner. Cards from this upcoming set will include scenes from the upcoming Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, the Cell Saga, the Cooler films, and the Red Ribbon Army. Bleeding Cool will give a sneak peek at the upcoming cards from a collector''s perspective.

If you''re new to collectingDBSCG or like theDragon Ball canon rather than the Demon Realm race, then here''s why: Mira, who is not only from the Demon Realm race but also from the Proverbial, is a clone that has Earthling DNA, android parts, Frieza DNA, and many more. Mira''s other advanced forms include his Towa Absorbed form, his Fin Absorbed form, and more likely to come.

Are you excited for the final Unison Warrior Series set? Stay tuned for more spoilers of Dragon Ball Super Card Game: Unison Warrior Series BOOST Ultimate Squad. You can follow this series by clicking the Ultimate Squad tag right here.

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