Xavier's own Making (Spoils) is confronted with the biggest Krakoan problems (Spoils)

Xavier's own Making (Spoils) is confronted with the biggest Krakoan problems (Spoils)

A lot of Marvel Krakoan and non-Krakoan X-Men comic books have been published throughout the month and then tested in a massive effort. When that happens, it is not difficult to join up some dots and see what is going on more easily. In the present day, professor Xavier''s own inventions are turned against the Krakoa mutants.

A frustrated Deadpool is trying to rejoin Logan after being chased by Danger, and Professor Xavier''s Danger Room gained encroachment, after Xavier enslaved it for years and finally rebelled.

While in #28, the island is under fire from a newly sentient Cerebro helmet, performing its best impersonation of a Matrix creature, and eating its way through Krakoan''s mutant population.

While returning in Wolverine, the item that everyone is looking for is handcuffed to Deadpool.

Is there another Cerebro helmet? Seriously, these things should really be locked down a lot more because they are responsible for resurrecting and backing up the Krakoa mutants. Any other small piece of technology that is lying around incompetent?

Well, this might be the only way to get him back on the books for a while.

X-FORCE #28 MARVEL COMICS MAR221007 (W) Ben Percy (A) Robert Gill (CA) Joshua Cassara IT''S QUENTIN QUIRE, #&%$! CEREBRAX is stalking the island of Krakoa, and no one is safe! What happens when CEREBRAX absorbs the minds and powers of the most powerful mutants? SRP: $3.99

WOLVERINE #21 STEGMAN VAR MARVEL COMICS MAR221011 (W) Ben Percy (A) Adam Kubert (CA) Ryan Stegman DEEPER INTO DANGER DANGER DANGER! WOLVERINE unleashes his berserker rage, and DEADPOOL embraces his deadly fighting skills in a last ditch effort to save mutant lives. But what''s the ROBOT X-MEN, and what do they have

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