In today's X-Men comics, the Changing Face Of Krakoan Resurrection

In today's X-Men comics, the Changing Face Of Krakoan Resurrection

There are rules. Rules are meant to be broken or at least bent out of shape. In The Pit, please make sure you''re well-known to the filmmaker. Krakoa Shore, the latest reality TV show based on Karkoa''s mutant planets, pocket dimensions, dimensional divergences, and hell domains that lie inside it. But how have things changed today? Properly, courtesy of Professort X, Cerebro, and the five mutants. But there have been complications.

Where do you go when you die in Hell? Obviously, as with Otherworld, you might resurrect wrong, so wait until you reach home to die if you can.

Kid Omega, the founder of Quentin Quite, is developing The Five, energizing mutants without brains (no, not Toad) for Quentin Quire to take control.

A lot of meat puppets have been created, with a sense of colour code.

I believe that the Krakoan is equivalent to a sports car park. But even Quentin can see that things are not what they were.

Instead of taking a fleshy route, Danger is generating lots and lots of robot Wolverines.

Mister Sinister is experimenting with new bodies via his own genetic experiments, but there are no Five required.

Despite the fact that some mutants have died, they aren''t confused, given the certainty that their resurrection will be quick and automatic.

Or even as a means to extract information from an unwilling mutant.

Is everyone taking notes? There will be a quiz to discuss.

The resurrection protocol has caught the attention of people you didn''t want to hear. The Eternals are now committing genocide, as well.

It appears like the Five will be on the verge of being overtime.

Is the Krakoan thy peak peak time?

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