New Story Event Summer Nights & Wishing Stars featuring N (Summer 2022) & Zoroark and Hilda (Summer 2022) & Grapploct as new sync pairs are revealed for Pokemon MastersEX

New Story Event Summer Nights & Wishing Stars featuring N (Summer 2022) & Zoroark and Hilda (Summer

DeNA is continuing to include more events and new features to the Pokemon Masters EX on a regular basis. Read on below to learn more.

Summer Nights & Wishing Stars

Hilbert and Hilda join N for their first summer festival in Pokemon Masters EX''s latest summer event.

Two exciting new seasonal sync pairs were introduced along with this new story event.


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A Message from the Pokemon Masters EX Team (Vol. 35)

EX Team of Pokemon Masters Message (Vol.35)

Trainers, Greetings.

Were you the creators of Pokemon Masters EX, Yu Sasaki, and Tetsuya Iguchi, who are here with a fresh message?

Today, focus on new Sync Pairs that will begin at the end of June, as well as events for July.

Summer Nights & Wishing Stars for Story Event are coming!

Summer Nights & Wishing Stars will be released on June 29, 2022.

This year''s theme is the summer event, and N and Hilda will appear in the Sync Pair Scout as seasonal synchronies.

Who knows when Trainers and Pokemon gather on the night of a summer festival? We hope you enjoy the Pasios summer event!

N (Summer 2022) and Zoroark are a Dark-type strike sync pair.

With their Vivid Illusion! Move, they can increase their Sp. Atk by six stat ranks and their evasiveness by two stat ranks. Night Daze''s main attack move has a 40% chance of lowering the targets accuracy by one stat rank.

They also have Passive Skills that give them the Supereffective Next advantage when entering a battlefield with complete HP or after using their Sync Move, so they are versatile from start to finish in a series of difficult to Dark-type attacks.

Hilda (Summer 2022) and Grapploct are a Fighting-type support sync pair.

Move gives themselves the Gradual Healing effect and increases the Defense and Sp. Def of allies by two stat ranks. They also have a Passive Skill that increases the Attack of all allies by one stat rank when they are hit by an opponent attack move.

Aside from being a popular Topsy-Turvy, they may weaken their opponent by converting the target stat increase into stat reductions (excluding the critical-hit rate).

These include Moves such as Brick Break and Protect, allowing them to play with opponents, as well as offering a wide range of ways to handle them.

A New Tiered Scout Is Coming!

A new Seasonal Tiered Scout will be introduced on July 3, 2022 to coincide with the return of Story Event Beachside Rivalry!

Four Seasonal Sync Pairs will be shown in this Scout: Steven (Summer 2020) & Sandslash, Lyra (Summer 2020) & Jigglypuff, Gloria (Summer 2021) & Inteleon, and Marnie (Summer 2021) & Grimmsnarl.

This Sync Pair Scout has five levels, and you may scout once on each tier by using Paid Gems.

Each tier is a Sync Pair Scout 11, and the two animals will have the following additional features:

With this scout, you can get 5 Power-Ups 3 in Tier 2.

Tier 3: Utilize this scout to obtain a special ticket to use in the Ticket Scout.

Vibrantly, you can get 5 power-ups 7 from this scout.

Through this scout, you may combine with a Sync Pair of your choice from the list of five available Sync Pairs.

The selectable sync pairs in Tier 5 are included in this scout, so make sure to check it out!

Solo Event Strongest Fighters Is Coming!

The first Solo Event Strongest Fighters will be released on July 13, 2022.

This story will feature trainers who are passionate about training diligently on a daily basis! We hope you enjoyed it!

There will be a battle event in which youll take on special trials. Some tricky special Missions that require some creative thinking will be available, so take on the challenge!

Egg Event Raise Tyrogue!Is Coming!

Raise Tyrogue! will be held on July 15, 2022.

In this Egg Event, youll get a Black Belt and become a Tyrogue egg user.

According to its Role, Tyrogue may develop into three different Pokemon. Hitmonlee may be triggered if it has the strike role, Hitmontop may be a tech player, and Hitmonchan may be a helper.

A sync pair with Tyrogue will be formed for each Role.

Get eggs and train Tyrogue the way you want!

Upcoming Events

As Pokemon Masters EX approaches its three-year anniversary, the festivities will begin slowly. Today, we''d like to give you a sneak preview of some of the content and scenes that will be coming your way in late July and August.

The Villain Arc is scheduled to be updated late July. Following the Johto Chapter, we hope youll look forward to seeing which Sync Pairs will appear and how they will take the spotlight on the story.

In mid-August, the Run-Up to Three Years Celebration begins!

A few special events, including Log-in bonuses, and Rallies are in the works. Additionally, there will be a special Sync Pair, so we hope you see which Trainers and Pokemon end up creating Sync Pairs!

Future Updates

In a previous post, we have provided follow-up information about the major improvements in UI usage.

Development is progressing smoothly, and we''re approaching releasing these improvements.

Currently, we have the opportunity to share with you one screen that is currently being developed. This screen is related to the Sync Pair strengthening menu that we provided last time.

Various features for strengthening sync pairs that have been on separate screens up until now, such as Unlock Level Cap, Level Up, and Theme Skills, will be accessible from one screen! Youll be able to use these features by switching between tabs at the bottom of the screen.

They planned additional improvements to the game''s performance, so please keep an eye on updates.

Note: This image is based on information that is currently in development and is subject to change.

What to Expect in the Next Message

Our next message is scheduled for late July. We will share information about the Run-Up to Three Years Celebration, as well as new Sync Pairs and events that will arrive in August.

We are always collaborating to deliver updates and improvements that make the world of Pokemon Masters EX as haphazard as possible.

Throughout the development process, we prioritize trainers feedback, so don''t hesitate to let us know what you think.

Merci for playing Pokemon Masters EX Until the next time.

Yu Sasaki, the producer of Pokemon Masters, is a Pokemon Masters producer.

Tetsuya Iguchi, the owner of operations, is the CEO of Microsoft.

The content described in this message is currently in development. Titles, plans, updates, and timelines are all subject to change.

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