Sniper Elite 5 Gets Its New Enhanced Kill Cam

Sniper Elite 5 Gets Its New Enhanced Kill Cam

Rebellion Developments announced a new trailer today for as they demonstrated off their enhanced kill cam coming to the game. One of the greatest advantages of the series is that once you get to see that bullet go all the way to defeat the enemy and highlight the different ways you''ll be able to enjoy their destruction. Whether it be from a stabbing, a fall, or a precise sniper shot. Enjoy the next footage below as the game will be released on May 26th and 2022.

Both the physics and the visuals behind the Jack Cam have been enhanced. Bullets have been placed on bones, causing further internal damage to the player. The inclusion of iron sights for both SMGs and pistols, a first for the series, will allow players to be more exact with those weapons, which will, in turn, be able to speed up/slow down the cinematic.

The frequency with which a player sees Kill Cam can be adjusted in the game''s menu, including the ability to turn it off completely. Weapons have been extensively recreated from real-world references to ensure maximum authenticity. Each workbench will be able to customize its own loadout depending on their skill set and the objective that it is undertaking.

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