Kobunsha has added 20 more digital manga from Media Do International

Kobunsha has added 20 more digital manga from Media Do International

Media Do International Inc. is expanding its manga offerings with over 20 yaoi/Boys Love exclusive digital manga titles from famous Japanese publisher Kobunsha, available for the first time in English to global readers.

The BL/boys love books were originally published in Japan, and media Do International is producing the titles. The content is rated for children aged 18 and older.

In June, the first ten titles will be available, including:

  • by Sachi Murakami
  • by Sachi Murakami
  • by Anna Hanamaki
  • by Haruka Komusubi
  • by Toomi Aoyama
  • by Meteo Hoshiduki
  • by Tomoei Sasahara
  • Art by Tomoei Sasahara, Story by Ume Yamada
  • Art by Kotaro Kobayashi, Story by Ume Yamada
  • Art by Hiroshi Asagi, Story by Touka Namimaki

Readers are invited to leave comments on NetGalley for the preview chapters and full eBook releases to be automatically entered for a chance to win an illustrated artboard, personally autographed by one of three BL manga-ka whose work is now available Haruka Komusubi (), Sachi Murakami () and Tomoei Sasahara.

"These titles include works by a team of experienced artists in the BL manga space, and we know each one will delight fans and readers. We are pleased to partner with Media Do International to bring this content across wide web web," says Takashi Endo of Kobunsha''s BL Comics Management Team.

"BL manga has a strong fan base in North America, and we are excited to expand our digital catalog with more than 20 new titles from Kobunsha," Shiohama, president and CEO of Media Do International. "We are committed to developing our digital manga catalog, as our distribution is expanded for a wide variety of readers."

On NetGalley, you may get free preview chapters of several releases for a limited time. Additional titles will be released later this year.

NetGalley, a division of Media Do International, provides services to book enthusiasts and industry professionals with digital review copies. It is free to register as a member/reader on NetGalley.

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