SURPRISE Premier Look at Emmerdale star on the cobbles on Coronation Street

SURPRISE Premier Look at Emmerdale star on the cobbles on Coronation Street

Louise Marwood, who is star of Phill Whittaker, will appear next week, and is now showing her on the cobbles for the first time.

The former star will play her new role on Monday, July 4, as she prepares to play Phill and Fiz just days before their wedding day.

Louise, who is best known for playing Chrissie White between 2014 and 2018, looks away from her in the first look pictures, where she is looking obscenities with long, perfectly groomed hair, sunglasses, and expensive clothes.

Camilla is set to attend Phill and Fiz''s wedding in the run-up to the wedding, bringing the chaos to a level that is already settling in before their nuptials.

As Evelyn and Phill''s mother Mimi both argue, Phill and Fiz are set to be dissatisfied when a stunning lady exits a vehicle and introduces herself to Fiz as Camilla, Phills ex-wife.

Phill claims to have no idea why his ex is there, but assures Fiz that it is her that he loves her and can''t wait to marry her. However, Kevin spurs Phill to work out why Camilla has so well appeared when he tells him that he must tell Fiz how he really wants to feel about her before she marries another.

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Camilla, who is married on Wednesday, is causing havoc on the bride-to-be, and things get even more complicated when Fiz feels obliged to bring Camila to the hen night.

Poor Fiz is left feeling dissatisfied when a game of Mr and Mrs at the hen night proves Camilla knows Phill far better than she does... and soon Camilla is insisting that she and Phill are very in love and he wants her back!

Fiz confronts Phill about''sent'' emails to Camilla, but he has no idea what she is talking about, and soon the finger of suspicion falls on Mimi and Phill who are removing them from the house and the wedding.

Is it all as it appears? And will Fiz and Phill make it up the aisle?

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