GenshinImpact's Best Chongyun Team Comps

GenshinImpact's Best Chongyun Team Comps

Chongyun is one of the most successful cryo characters to obtain in Genshin Impact, owing in large part to his reputation as a four-star character and their appearance in the game since version 1.4. They are generally considered as a subpar performer, but a well-designed team comp coupled with an exceptional Chongyun build might make a dent in that belief.

This article has been created on our best Chongyun team comp so you can improve the performance of Chongyuns. One of the parts we have divided this article into two categories, one consisting of the best DPS, support, and battery characters for players with a large collection, and an alternative team comp for f2p players or those without many of the games'' best options.

What is the best Chongyun team comp?

Chongyun excels in dealing damage in a wide area, and applying cryo to those caught in the range, was choosing characters that play into that strength. We:

  • Main DPS: Klee
  • Sub DPS: Chongyun
  • Battery: Bennet
  • Support: Venti

Chongyun simply cannot put out enough damage on their lonesome to fill the main DPS role. Despite this, they do a fantastic job as a sub DPS character, thanks to what we previously described: their ability to use cyro to a wide variety of grouped up enemies at once.

Chongyun is our main DPS, and whos the player''s purpose is to apply Cryo and deal a decent amount of damage? Klee is an excellent player here. Not only are they one of the best Pyro damage characters in the game, but they are also capable to procash elemental reactions alongside Chongyun. So, first, you should then combine Cryo with Chongyun to reach greater damage numbers.

Bennet is a loyal pick we have a tendency to fall back on - for good reason! They have the ability to snag a large amount of elemental orbs for your organization, as well as granting Pyro elemental resonance to your team to further increase Klees'' damage output. Finally, they have the potential to trigger melt procs, which while worse than Klee doing it will still cut through enemies.

Venti''s assist mindset has shifted to a range of levels during fights. This is because of this team''s ability to squeeze enemies several times during fights. This is because of this team''s desire to use melt to as many enemies at once as you can. As long as youre is not receiving hit too much, it''s totally worth it.

What is the best Chongyun f2p team comp?

If you''re not swimming in primo gems or hanging out with a large group of Genshin Impact characters, there''s no need to worry! Chongyun still performs well in a f2p friendly team. Here''s our picks for our best Chongyun f2p team comp:

  • Main DPS: Xiangling
  • Sub DPS: Chongyun
  • Support: Amber
  • Support: Barbara

This team comp is a bit of a strange one. However, the goal is to continue proc melt often and easily using Chongyun as a backup DPS. As with the team comp above, they really excel in directing Cyro to many enemies at once, and as such they are a great at starting a massive damage combo.

With Chongyuns help, Xiangling is our choice. Another four-star character that pops up often in wish banners as an easy-to-get four star. They are a fairly powerful Pyro DPS, and so can benefit greatly from melt procs.

Amber''s assist role is very effective here because they aren''t capable of dealing damage. We use them to obtain the pyro elemental resonance to further improve Xianglings damage, as well as for their taunt dummy elemental ability to give you some breathing room in difficult battles.

Finally, Barbara is a great healer. They may even send out some handy heals to your team more often or not. If Cyro is active, you may even be able to freeze enemies up close! In many situations, this may force you to reapply Cyro, but it may come as a surprise boost.

Our Best Chongyun team comp for Genshin Impact guide has concluded! Check out our monthly free Genshin codes page, as well as this dancer who choreographed a sweet dance to the Genshin Impact OST.

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