Evil Dead: The Game sells 500,000 units in under a week perfect timing for EmbracerGroup

Evil Dead: The Game sells 500,000 units in under a week perfect timing for EmbracerGroup

Evil Dead: The game may have had a quiet launch as long as marketing and buzz go, but it has already been a success, according to a fresh tweet from the owner of the game IP, Embracer Group, the game has sold through 500 million units in just five days.

Because of the game''s multiplatform status, cross-play would be an asymmetric multiplayer title, and the deck would be stacked against you if you were limiting your player pool to one platform, right? So these sales count for every game sold since its appropriate release date of Friday 13, May across PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

Given the game''s slow start, it makes sense that the developer has developed a fairly extensive Evil Dead DLC roadmap, which includes a new map, heavily based on Castle Kandar from Army of Darkness, which will be released later this summer.

Outside of a few accessibility concerns and some balancing issues, our own Kelsey thought the game was a groovy, gory romp in her Evil Dead: The Game review. "The game itself is certainly remarkable in terms of its fresh gameplay and exceptional graphics," she said, adding that there''s plenty of fun to play for Evil Dead and Sam Raimi.

Outside of the game''s success in and of itself, the impressive performance of the title proves something other; the Embracer Group knows how to invest and launch games based on traditional IP. Evil Dead: The Game will likely be a pleasant read for anyone who believes Tomb Raider might have ended up in shambles.

Square Enix may hold hold of Just Cause, Life Is Strange, and Outriders, but classic IP like Tomb Raider, Deus Ex, Lara Craft Go, Legacy of Kain, Gex, and others have been removed from Embracer.

It demonstrates that Embracer is not just a soulless, faceless investment company capable of making as much money as it can... it also demonstrates that, in the end, there is a level of care and respect for its IP, enough to launch a game that sells 100,000 units per day in its launch week, anyway.

The Embracer Group considers 500k units of a game sold in its first week as a success. Square Enix would have made a public statement, saying it fell below expectations and then ignored it for ten years. This might be the start of a spectacular second chance, according to the recent release.

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