The Bill is set to launch a massive remake with new cast members returning to the show

The Bill is set to launch a massive remake with new cast members returning to the show

After being removed from our screens more than a decade ago, is expected to make a huge TV comeback.

The police series was a famous fan-favourite and now it may make a significant comeback, with old legends returning.

There were reports that there might be two new series in the works last year, but now The Sun has confirmed that UKTV is in the early stages of developing a new version of the show, which might be completed as early as next year.

The Sun is a drama that is just sitting, waiting, to be rebooted, according to a TV insider.

"It''s a simple form, but it has enlisted a shady community of loyal supporters who would be pleased to see it return.

A whole new model would be tweaked, without doubt.

This is the second time that actors Graham Cole, Trudie Goodwin, and Mark Wingett, who became household names after their appearance in the series, were apparently working with Simon Sansome to revive the award-winning police drama.

The three originals are well-known for their roles as PC Tony Stamp, Sgt Jane Ackland, and DC Jim Carver.

The Sun was told at the time that the production began picking up pace last year when the cast gathered to commemorate the first ten years since the show was broadcast.

Simon began investigating the rights and managed to acquire them. Three of the most well-known actors are in discussions and he is hopeful that he can take them on board. Tony has seen the script and he hopes that he can sign him up.

They are in constant contact and the project has begun to proceed swiftly. There are a few channels interested in bringing back what is so well-loved.

The platform, which was set at the Sun Hill police station, was first introduced in 1983, but was then axed in 2010 after 26 series.

On the series, a catalogue of famous guests included Sean Bean, James McAvoy, Emma Bunton, Keira Knightley, David Tennant, Russell Brand, and others.

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