The 128-player breakthrough of Battlefield 2042 has been removed

The 128-player breakthrough of Battlefield 2042 has been removed

In its most recent patch, EA DICE has removed the 128-player Breakthrough feature from Battlefield 2042.

Update 4.1, which is now available, has made significant modifications to the game''s all-out Warfare playlists, which are now available on current-gen consoles and PCs.

DICE said in a blog post that removal of 128-player Breakthrough lobbies was necessary to "realize" the value and effect of an individual player, as they were currently filled with "intensity and chaos."

Players found that 128-player Breakthrough games were almost unplayable at chokepoints where both teams were fighting for a single objective. They would be spawning into multiple firefights once.

Despite the fact that the game was initially introduced, this experience was somewhat beneficial to many participants, although it has become more gruesome six months into the game.

DICE cautions that "reducing our player count here helps to alleviate some of the stress from the experience"... and thus, allowing players to hold frontlines more effectively [and] find more space to work together and fulfill their individual roles."

While some maps (Hourglass, Breakaway, Renewal) will now be only available in their smaller 64 player versions, other maps (Discarded, Manifest, Orbital, Kaleidoscope) will still be available in the larger 128 player versions, presumably to space players.

Meanwhile, the 64-player Breakthrough will continue to operate as they are on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

We''re continuing to use BT64 as the primary BT Mode. It will rotate through all maps, but some maps will use the 64 layout, according to the 128 player cap, but some (on PC/PS5/XBSX|S) will continue to have BT64, on 64 player layouts.

The update also has a tumultuous set of new features and bug fixes, which you may see in the next blog post.

DICE said it will launch additional content for the game next month: "Up next in our update schedule is Season 1''s expected to be released in early June. We''ll get a complete overview and update notes before it''s officially released."

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