Sophie Escabasse, Witches of Brooklyn,'s New Graphic Novel Taxi Ghost

Sophie Escabasse, Witches of Brooklyn,'s New Graphic Novel Taxi Ghost

Sophie Escabasse of has just sold her fantasy middle-grade graphic novel, Whitney Leopard at Random House Graphic. The film "starts to see ghosts that use her sister''s car as a taxi to travel around town and is taken into a mission to protect an old ghost''s house before their neighborhood is changed forever." will be published in 2025.

Sophie Escabasse is a French writer and illustrator living in Montreal. She first studied graphic design for a while before becoming a professional illustrator. She has illustrated many books for middle-grade readers, including Florence Parry Heide and Roxanne Heide Pierce''s middle-grade series, and Tom Easton''s series, as well as her fourth graphic novel in 2023.

Sophie Escabasse posted to Instagram, "Youhoooooooooooo!!!! I can finally talk about it!" I''m very, very excited to announce that I will be producing another book with the incredible @rhkidsgraphic team! There will be Ghosts, sisters, a cool gd-ma (I had to have a cool gd-ma!) and a LOT of plot twists!

The agent for Sophie Esccabasse, Kelly Sonnack, of the Andrea Brown Literary Agency, sold worldwide rights to.

Random House Graphic, a part of Penguin, is a digital publishing company based in Spring 2020, which has expanded into comic book communities, generating long-term readers. Right now, it seems like a broad market that is being used in magazines for decades to come.

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