Megalovania is now available in Dance Dance Revolution A3

Megalovania is now available in Dance Dance Revolution A3

Megalovania, one of the most well-known tracks from, is now available in. Those who have access to the arcade machine will be able to give this song a spin. Konami posted information through the official website, confirming Megalovania''s inclusion in the game. [Thanks, Famitsu!]

Konami has updated the tracklist for several times in the past year. In April 2022, the tracklist was expanded so that popular songs from titles will be included. However, it is only available in arcades. This means users will need to go to a physical machine in order to play these songs.

Konami announced intentions to bring and to mobile devices in 2019, including a desire to be able to project the game from your mobile device to a monitor or a TV. However, a project known as, which would see the popular dance title appear on mobile devices, has little to no updates about a possible release. Konami has no further details on whether or not it intends to release a new title outside of arcades.

is available on arcade devices.

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