In Statespace, Riot Games will become a minority shareholder

In Statespace, Riot Games will become a minority shareholder

Riot Games has announced that they will pursue their relationship with Statespace by becoming a shareholder. Aim Lab, according to shorthand terms, will now be the official training and coaching platform for players. Many of the tools will be used to assist scouts for players in the game, as well as being transferred to MOBA players.

Aim Lab will become "official" training and coaching platform for Riot''s Intellectual Property to integrate in-game physics, maps, and weapons that will enable players to gain most true-to-game training. Riot will continue to work with Aim Lab to develop innovative training, coaching, and scouting techniques for players and eventually MOBA players.

"We are looking forward to working with Statespace on developing innovative training and coaching tools for and MOBA players around the world," said Jake Perlman-Garr, the Global Head of Corporate Development at Riot Games.

"Riot has been the best partner, collaborator, and facilitator we could have requested. We are happy to continue to improve player experience by training, coaching, and scouting in and soon, in," said Dr. Wayne Mackey, CEO of Statespace.

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