This Fallout 4mod will help you navigate post-apocalyptic London

This Fallout 4mod will help you navigate post-apocalyptic London

Fallout: London, the upcoming Fallout 4 PC mod, will bring you a look at the UK''s post-apocalyptic capital.

It''s anticipated that the Commonwealth map of the base game will be roughly the size of the map, making this a hugely fun task.

"The mod encapsulates the gritty, adventurous nature of the Fallout games with a new world, factions, storylines, NPCs, weapons, creatures, and many more," he adds.

As the above new gameplay trailer shows, Fallout: London is apart from the rest of the series. There are no Super Mutants or Deathclaws, which means there are no Vault-Tec either.

There is rather a new danger, which you - as the new Wayfarer character - must endure.

It does, however, include character creation, the SPECIAL system, and benefits, as well as other series staples, including scientific experiments that are gone wrong and diverse factions to join.

On the London Underground, you''ll be punching radshrews.

It''s all fantastic, but there isn''t a release date yet, but the development team promises it will be "announced to the public in the near future."

Fallout 5 is still a long way off, and Starfield''s next release is being postponed for next year.

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