Google is looking to file for bankruptcy in Russia

Google is looking to file for bankruptcy in Russia

According to reports, Google is attempting to file for bankruptcy due to the seizure of its assets. It has stated that it has been forced to pay its employees, suppliers, and vendors, about 1 billion roubles or $15 million. As for the people who worked at the firm in Russia, Russia sent troops into Ukraine.

Google is unsurprised that Russia is facing a debt, and services will continue to work.

According to Reuters, Google''s parent company Alphabet Inc. has had difficulties for several months, which has resulted in the confiscation of its assets. Russia previously requested that YouTube content be removed. This happened sometime in December, with Russia slapping Google with a 7.2 billion rouble fine. The fine was then increased by 506 million roubles.

Russia confiscated its bank accounts as a result of Google''s decision to withdraw money.

A Google spokesperson said this.

"The Russian authorities'' confiscation of Google Russia''s bank account has made it unfavorable for our Russian office to function, including employing and paying Russian employees, paying suppliers and vendors, and fulfilling other financial obligations."

Despite Google''s intent to declare bankruptcy in Russia, the company''s free services will continue to operate as they do. Gmail, Google Maps, Android, and the Google Play Store will still be available. This is particularly significant considering how many digital and physical services have been removed from the country. YouTube is another service that will continue to operate.

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