Corphish Can Now Be Shiny in Pokemon GO For All Players

Corphish Can Now Be Shiny in Pokemon GO For All Players

This month, many players may not be aware that a very limited event resulted in the release of a new Shiny Pokemon. What happened and what species can now result in a burst of sparkles? Let''s take a look at the details.

It''s Corphish. Pictured to the right, you have a standard Corphish. To the right, the reddish-purple version of the Pokemon you see is actually Shiny.

It took place as Safari Zone Seville, the first Safari Zone since the epidemic. (The caveat here is that Niantic has hosted make-up Safari Zones that were last year, but these events did not allow additional tickets to be purchased, and that these letters did not deviate from the content given to ticket holders.) However, this Safari Zone does not retain their Shiny-capability outside of events, and it is worth noting unless you were at Safari Zone Seville or know someone who will be able to facilitate

This is the result of a large return to in-person events that we will see throughout the summer. Niantic has already announced in-person GO Fest 2022 events that will feature new and exclusive Pokemon not available in the worldwide digital version of the event. So far, we know each in-person GO Fest event will introduce a new Shiny with Panpour, Pansage, and Pansear, and will offer players an encounter with Sky Forme Shaymin, while those who play the digital version will get Land Form

The great thing about this for those who cannot attend is that when these events release new Shinies, they are unlocked for everyone. The only issue is a Corphish encounter.

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