Fans of EastEnders were 'obsessed' after seeing THIS familiar face in a twisted plan thrown out by Janines

Fans of EastEnders were 'obsessed' after seeing THIS familiar face in a twisted plan thrown out by J

During the last nights episode of Janine Butchers (Charlie Brooks) who saw her scam Nancy Carter (Maddy Hill) and Zack Hudson (James Farrar) out of 50,000, viewers were delighted to see a familiar face.

Janine reverted to her shady ways last night after giving Linda Carter (Kellie Bright) 25,000 to leave Walford.

Linda is approaching her abusive husband, Mick Carter (Danny Dyer), but Janine decided to go to extreme lengths to get Linda to leave for the rest of her life.

Linda denied giving Janine 50,000 dollars, claiming that she would not be able to meet those eye-watering demands.

Janine quickly came up with a calculation strategy after discovering that Nancy was willing to pay the whole amount of money for her and Zacks new restaurant business.

A former scammer friend approached her to pose as an estate agent to meet Nancy and Zack, but Janine pretended to be Nancy and met with the real estate agent to buy the property.

As there was another person interested in buying the restaurant, Nancy and Zack had been pressured to get the full amount.

Nancy was willing to lose out on their dream business, and she transferred 50,000 people to the account, stating that they had chosen the restaurant they wanted.

Both have had a relationship, and while Janine had to pay her scammer friend 50%, she was adamant about the results.

Although your costs are very high, I do know that I am going to the right person for the job, according to Janine.

As the scenes unfolded, eagle-eyed fans instantly recognized the actress from, ironically, a shambled advert.

EastEnders is a ''it''s a scam'' lady to play... a scam artist! 18, 2022

Obsessed with her appearing in EastEnders to fake the carters 18, 2022

Cackling theyve got the woman from see what i did there, and its a fraud ad to play a scam artist #EastEndersMay 18, 2022

Not this icone will be stealing the lives of Walford residents at EastEnders 18, 2022.

Later on, Janine met Linda in the cafe.

Janine said she has already received your money.

What did you do? Rob, a bank or something? Linda asked.

She replied: "It''s something.

When is it possible to get it? Linda is dissatisfied.

I can give it to you immediately. On one condition. You are gone by the end of tomorrow. I want you out of Walford for good, according to Janine.

Linda protested, declaring, that she must go ahead and say goodbye to Ollie, but Janine wasn''t aware of any of it. Will her ruthless methods be discovered?

BBC One confirms the broadcast tonight at 7:30pm.

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