Craig Revel Horwood discusses the Celebrity Gogglebox Pride theme

Craig Revel Horwood discusses the Celebrity Gogglebox Pride theme

Craig Revel Horwood is willing to give scathing criticisms about the entertainment juggernaut. Now, as part of Channel 4''s celebration to commemorate 50 years since the first Pride march in the United Kingdom, the razor-tongued judge is swapping the ballroom for the living room to reveal his views on the weeks telly for a special edition of Celebrity Gogglebox.

Craig joins other LGBTQ+ groups with series regulars, including Rylan Clark and his mum Linda, Denise Van Outen and Duncan James, as well as Sam Ryder and Scott Mills to discuss everything from documentaries to dramas.

Craig Revel Horwood, who will be sharing the sofa with his best friend, pianist Ben Goddard, explaines why he couldn''t wait to participate.

"I''m a huge fan of! When it first came out in 2013, I thought why would anyone be interested in watching people watching television? I thought it was ridiculous, and then I was hooked!

"Because this is a special to commemorat Pride, I wanted to go do the show with one of my straight friends. Everyone knows Im opinionated, and I thought it would be really cool to dismiss Ben, as a heterosexual man, and ask for his views on certain things!"

"I like watching crime investigation-type programs. And I regarded [BBC thriller] as fun because it''s so theatrical and I like these kinds of shows.

"My TV turn-off would be game shows. I know I have been misled about appearing on them, but it''s different from being there and playing, rather than watching it on TV at home."

"I thought the drama, which premiered on C4 last year, was absolutely fantastic. I personally lost a lot of friends to the disease in my early teens and early 20s. Eventually, all of my friends who were 21 and 22 were killed.

"It was a really frightening, awful time," said the author. "I discovered a great way of telling the story, because it was so true to life."

"Yes, it was amazing because it was really gritty and it was the first time anyone had seen that sort of thing on television. It truly represented the gay community at a time when same-sex partners couldn''t get married, and when people were still fighting for gay rights. "I thought the writing and acting was sensational. It was one of the shows where you had to watch the next episode on the night it was on."

"Oh, most certainly. If you had told me when started in 2004 that in 2021, wed see two men winner John Whaite and pro dancer Johannes Radebe dancing together on the show, you would have laughed my head off. I''d never believed it.

"In addition, soaps and dramas like BBC Ones have aided in the dissemination of the message that homosexuality is normal. And its so amazing during my lifetime. When I was in Australia, homophobia was everywhere. But things are changing and its remarkable."

"They''ll be fantastic! I know Johannes will be kind; he won''t say anything too racy or too nasty about anyone. Whereas John, on the other hand, will just speak his mind; he does not care. They''re like chalk and cheese, and they''ll work quite well."

"I would probably say, Oh, who is that terrible piece of work sitting on the end of the judging panel? Hes a complete misunderstood! Id have the same opinion of me as the people on this one!

"When it comes to dance, im super-critical because I work hard to maintain high standards. But im actually very nice and very sweet, and people will notice that when they watch me on!"

"It''s a celebration of being gay, not of being gay but of people and living, and how, as human beings, we love to dance and have fun. Pride is a big fancy dress event, where individuals are encouraged to be who they want to be. The parades themselves are hugely fun and, increasingly, it becomes a day out for everybody; kids are amazed by all the feathers, flags, color, and movement.

"Pride is for everybody; it does not segregate. It is not just for the LGBTQ+ community. It''s for everyone to come together."

"I''m really looking forward to, as I do every year, because each time its different faces are doing different chores and telling different stories."

"I''d love to see judge Simon Cowell on the stage. He''s great. He''d be comfortable wearing high-waisted trousers, but we could get him out of his black clothes, dress him in pink, and, of course, give him some sparkle.

"Sony invented harsh criticism as a result of my commenting on his dancing," he says. So he should be able to take it!

On Friday July 1 at 9pm Channel 4, a s Pride special will be given.

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