Ice Queendom Improves on Original; First Three Episodes on YouTube

Ice Queendom Improves on Original; First Three Episodes on YouTube

The late Monty Oum made the first three episodes of Crunchyroll on YouTube. The original story has been transformed into a full-on anime.

If you''ve seen the original, it''s a surreal experience in relation to the origin. Monty Oum created RWBY after directing and choreographing the elaborate action sequences of, the Machinima series that gradually became a mythology-filled series apart from the games. Despite, it was the company''s first successful effort to create an original series or IP, which the business owners prefer to call it.

Here are three of the most recent episodes of :

The first episodes of Oum and Rooster Teeth''s main fanbase included anime and wuxia-style action. However, they also focused on screenwriting and storytelling, but the first episodes were often focused on character moments and short scenes in the world-building.

Below is the original 12-minute video for, which spelled out with an opening voiceover to give an opening meaning to the story.

The original film, which was developed by Tow Ubukata, is retelling the story in a more straightforward and precise manner. It preserves the characters'' personality and plot, while the original Rooster Teeth version was enhanced by an interesting twist on character dynamics. It''s as if the story had come back.

Both the original (dubbed into Japanese and recut for Japanese broadcast) are available on Crunchyroll.

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