Dungeons, Raid Tier, and Unreal Trial Confirmed in FFXIV 6.2

Dungeons, Raid Tier, and Unreal Trial Confirmed in FFXIV 6.2

In the July 2022 Producers Live Letter broadcast, 6.2 will include new playable dungeons, another tier of Normal Raids, and an entirely new type of battle content.

As part of the main scenario, a new Dungeon, titled The Fell Court of Troia, will debut as part of the main scenario quest progression. However, the team is keeping the details behind it for the time being. It will also get an Extreme difficulty variant.

The Abyssos tier of the Pandaemonium Normal Raid series is also available in version 6.2. The first tier, Asphodelos, launched in December 2021, and its Savage difficulty tier was added to the market in January 2022. According to Yoshida, the team will experiment a bit with Abyssos by reducing the time between normal and Savage difficulty unlocking. This time, the test run will be taken seriously.

The Containment Bay S1T7 (a.k.a. Sephirot) Trial will be awarded an Unreal difficulty tier withversion 6.2. Unreal Trials are among the most difficult and complex battles, which means players rematch with the Fiend of the Warring Triad will have many new tricks and twists.

The PS4, PS5, and PC are available, and 6.2 will be released in late August 2022.

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