Graphic Novels Increase Simon & Schuster's Children's Sales By 18%

Graphic Novels Increase Simon & Schuster's Children's Sales By 18%

In the wake of mixed publishing figures across the book industry, Jim Millot reported that Simon & Schuster saw "operating income soaring 85% in 2021, to $50 million, while sales increased 17%, to $217 million," which CEO Jonathan Karp said the gains "in part to increased backlist sales and improvements S&S has made to its metadata that improved sell-through, thus reduced book returns."

Is there any increase in sales? "All of S&S''s divisions had double-digit sales in the quarter, led by the international group, where sales increased 30%. "The children''s division also did well, with sales increasing 16%, driven by S&S''s growing list of graphic novels," according to Karp.

Karp is cited as implying that for keeping up with possible printing issues, Simon & Schuster has "moved a number of its third-quarter titles into the fourth period to ensure they will be available."

The growth of younger readers graphic novels is extending into the comics medium. Right now, it seems like an infinite market that is being tapped into, and creating longstanding comic book readers for years to come. It is not for nothing that kids graphic novels in bookstores are being called the newsstand of the twenty-first century, and the future readers of the medium are being formed and created right here, right now. Here''s a visual preview of Simon & Schuster''s recent and upcoming graphic novels.

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